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        Hi, I’m Angela, the owner of The Authentic Me Shop.

        I’ve been creating all my life. I was raised in Philadelphia. When I graduated college I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve been an actor, a director, a producer, a blogger, and a writer. I’ve never shied away from a little ebb and flow to try new things. 

         I’m super clear that I have a message.  I’ve expressed those messages creatively in many ways through the years (My blog, scripts, etc.).  Ultimately, I desire to help lift people to their highest potential. I never imagined that my messages would be on t-shirts but today, I’m really happy they are.

         In December, 2020 I launched a podcast called Authenticity Over Everything. You can listen to it on all podcast platforms. The premise of the podcast is simple, just be yourself. When you show up authentically, that’s when the magic will happen in your life.

         Thing is, for women like US, authenticity can be complicated because we are A LOT of different things, aren’t we?

         As for me…

        • I have a cum laude degree in Operations Management – book smart

        • I was born and raised in Philly – street smart

        • I also have a degree in theology – I pray

        • Married, divorced, single mother.

        • Corporate professional.

        • Trained actor.

        • Award winning writer.

        • Creative, introvert.

        • I love coffee & books.

        How do I wrap this together and fully be all of it… at the same time… without losing any part of ME?  That’s the question and the challenge for us all. How to fully show up as your true authentic self in all spaces? EVEN if others are made uncomfortable!  EVEN if others are not accepting of the true YOU!

         Perhaps your authentic mix is similar to mine.  Perhaps it’s different.  None the less, women become many things…

         Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Friend. Partner. Business owner. Employee. Investor. Chef. Cook. Chauffeur. Counselor. Mediator. Nurse. Caretaker. Cheerleader. Motivator. Head of household. Grandmother. Leader. Matriarch.

        We are pretty darn complex and amazing!

        Remember I mentioned The Authenticity Over Everything podcast?  Well, The Authentic Me Shop was initially created to offer podcast merch to the listeners. I set out to offer 1 or 2 shirts to rep the podcast. It quickly evolved into more when, to my surprise, I found that I actually love creating statement tees that express US.

        I’m so happy you found The Authentic Me Shop and I pray (see, I do pray), I pray that you find something fun and fashionable to help you express YOU every time you visit.  Even greater than that, I pray that you walk through life honestly, truthfully, and authentically being YOU.

        Thank you for supporting this #womanowned #blackowned business.


        Angela Duckett